Read an outline of training content in our new training curricula
Every year CISV International hosts several international and regional trainings. Sometimes these trainings are part of greater meeting venues called Regional Training Forums (RTFs).
The logistics of the Regional Training Forums are organized by the Resource Development Training Committee (RDT) in close cooperation with the host National Association. To find out more about where and when the RTFs are held, see Regions.
RTFs can have separate trainings as well as common sessions.
CISV International offers training in a range of different areas. To find out more, see Training Content.
This structure of arranging and coordinating international trainings and RTFs allows quality and consistency across the organization. No matter where you receive your training, its content should be the same.
To establish and maintain a high-quality and consistent training delivery, CISV has developed an international trainer certification system. To find out more, see Certification.
For more information on Committees responsible for training, see the Committees pages.