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  • For an in-depth look, use our Document Centre to search for documents by type, topic and according to your specific roles.
  • For policies, procedures and just about anything to do with the running of CISV, then it is the Infofile that you want.
  • Specific rules or guidelines for everything from hosting a programme to being a chapter Treasurer are found in Guides.
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We are pleased and excited to announce that the new website will be launched 27 February 2013!


There are a few important dates and instructions for you to note before the launch, please print them out and put them in your diary:


  • CISV Friends site will not accept registrations or claims from 20 February (midday GMT)
  • There will be a notice on the Friends site to remind people that they cannot register or claim from this date
  • Register and claim participation for programmes as usual up to and including 19 February
  • Register and claim participation for RTFs/AIM/IJBC as usual up to and including 19 February
  • All details of registration and participation up until and including 19 February will be transferred automatically to the new site
  • Do not try to complete PDPEFs 19 - 26 February
  • Register new officals as usual up to and including 19 February
  • Register new members as usual up to and including 19 February
  • During 19 - 26 February you will still be able to view information on Friends and get your Friends ID
  • CISV Resources closes down 26 February
  • From 27 February (18.00 GMT) all registration and claims will be done on the MyCISV section of the new website
  • If you are already registered on Friends the first time you log in to MyCISV you will have to follow the 'I've forgotten my password' procedure
  • If you are already registered on Friends, you will need your Friends ID number to log in to myCISV. Make a note of your Friends ID number as this will become your myCISV username.


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